Make a lesson reservation

Ski & Snowboard lesson can be booked by phone, at our offices or using our web form.
Office Reception hour: 8:30-9:50am 11:30am-1:20pm.

How to make the booking:

  1. Fill out on-line the application form.
  2. Send the application form through web or FAX the print out form to Happo-One Ski School.
  3. The school will send a reply via fax or email.
  4. Pay the lesson fee.

– If you do not arrive at the pre-designated time the lesson will be canceled unless prior notice was given.

– Please contact Happo-One ski School Prior to the lesson if you will be delayed for any reason.

– If the School is not contacted a Cancellation Fee will be changed.


If you’d like to reserve ahead of more than 1 month, please contact this form or (+81)261-72-2126.