Kids Ski Levels:

Level 1: They have never been on skis before or they have done a maximum of a couple of hours with their parents (not with a ski instructor).
Level 2: the children are capable of doing a green run/easy blue in snow plough, whilst being able to control their speed and turn by themselves. They may or not have taken a drag lift before.
Level 3: They are capable of comfortaably doing blue run at a faster speed than Level 2. They have mastered doing snow plough, can turn easily and they are able to control their speed perfectly.
Level 4: They are capable of doing blue runs with ease and can tackle reds. at the start of the week we would expect them to only be using snow plough for turning and stopping but the majority of the time they will ski parallel. They should already be happy to be going at faster speed.
Level 5: They are able to ski on red runs without difficulty and with parallel skis. They need to be able to maintain their speed without snow ploughing and stop with their skis parallel.
Level 6: The children can alredy ski parallel and can do red runs with ease. They are capable of skiing quickly and they can modify their speed and the size of their turns depending on the piste and conditions.

Level 1-3 are offered at the Magic Carpet area only at Sakka Base.
Level 4-6 are offered on the ski area of Happo-One ski resort.